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Feature Collections...


Bridal Wedding SareesThis is a tie and dye wall hanging bearing the artist’s wonderful imagination and poetic intuition tinged with his sensibilities for modern art. In this Bandha hanging we find peacock and owl on the top, then birds like crow and myna under them. In the middle there are beasts like giraffe, lion, tiger, elephant, rabbit etc....

Ten Flowered Boarder Bandha Saree

embroidered SareesThis traditional tie and dye saree depicts in the yardage a whole range of figures that reflects the artist’s poetic sensibility in adoring womanhood. The movies of the saree are designed to express the qualities of a virtuous woman....

Bruksha Bandha Hanging

Silk SareesBruksha Bandha is more complex and difficult a work than the Chakra Bandha. But this piece of poem composed by Brajaraj Singhdeo of Khariar too depicts a lovers longing for the love of his beloved. The tree has seven branches. The letters of the poem runs through the trunk and the leaves.....

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